Corporate Secretary

Svetlana S. Sukhareva

The Corporate Secretary is an officer independent from the bank’s executive bodies and reports to its Supervisory Board.

The Corporate Secretary’s main functions include:

  • Arranging preparation and holding of the bank’s General Shareholders Meetings
  • Ensuring operation of the Supervisory Board and its committees
  • Assisting in implementation of the disclosure policy and keeping the bank’s corporate documents
  • Managing the bank’s relationships with its shareholders and contributing to the prevention of corporate conflicts
  • Ensuring the bank’s interactions with regulators, trading facilities, the registrar and other professional stock market participants
  • Ensuring and checking the fulfilment of statutory and internal procedures intended to give effect to shareholders’ rights and lawful interests
  • Informing the Supervisory Board immediately of any identified violations of laws or the bank’s bylaws
  • Contributing to improvement of the bank’s corporate governance.

Svetlana S. Sukhareva has been the Corporate Secretary of the Supervisory Board and its committees since December 2014.

Born on 29 November 1984 in Moscow, Russia.

2007: degree in Finance and Credit from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, 2013: degree in Translation and Translation Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities.

2014: specialised course Corporate Secretary at the Russian Institute of Directors, and qualification upgrade course Corporate Secretary in 2017.

Svetlana Sukhareva started her career in 2007 at VTB Bank’s FI Department. In 2014, she joined CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s Corporate Secretary Section, and, in December 2014, was appointed the bank’s Corporate Secretary by resolution of its Supervisory Board.

No stake in the bank’s charter capital.