Equity Capital

The bank’s total capital according to Basel III standards rose by 1.8% y-o-y to RUB 302.9 bln. The capital structure was strengthened by a RUB 14.7 bln SPO carried out on the Moscow Exchange in November 2019. The additional and Tier 2 capitals declined because of currency revaluation and partial buyback and cancellation of subordinated Eurobonds CBOM27 and CBOM-perp in November 2019.

IFRS Capital Adequacy (Basel III)
IFRS Capital Adequacy (Basel III)
The total capital adequacy ratio reduced from 21.9% to 21.2%. The core capital increased
by 17%
y-oy- to RUB 170.2 bln.
IFRS Capital Adequacy Ratios (Basel III)
IFRS Capital Adequacy Ratios (Basel III)
The Tier 1 capital ratio calculated in accordance with Basel III rose
from 10.7% as at end-2018
to 11.9 %
as at end-2019.