New Products and Introduced Technologies

Recognising the new needs of its customers and seeking to meet market requirements in the best way, the bank continuously improves service quality and introduces new products and services. New products, services and technologies for corporate customers introduced during 2019 include:

  • Lombard loans - a unique product secured upon real estate, which provides individual conditions, low interest rates and reduced approval time;
  • Express guarantee issuance robotisation - automation of recieving, converting and reviewing applications;
  • Public tender loans - a new product in the product line for public contracts under 44-FZ;
  • General suretyship mechanism - automation of a unique type of suretyship - multi-suretyship, which allows the surety to cover an unlimited number of obligations under one agreement;
  • Next Best Offer recommendation engine - a CRM recommendation engine that is based on the analysis of big data and identifies the needs of legal entities and sole proprietors for the bank’s products;
  • Automation of client management process - Next Best Action engine, an autonomous mechanism for setting tasks to client managers through CRM, which is based on continuous analysis of events in the customer base. It is designed to increase customer loyalty, reduce active customer outflow and understand its causes;
  • Customer 360 portal - an information resource for displaying all external information on legal entities and sole proprietors: registration details, disclosed information on owners, financial information, participation in tenders, public contracts and so on;
  • Escrow account for settlements under co-investment agreement (214-FZ) - involvement in the financing of developers;
  • Platform for agents and customers (dashboard);
  • Connection to SWIFT GPI - the global payments innovation initiative (GPI) which significantly improves the quality of customer service when making international payments by increasing speed, transparency and continuous tracking of international payments;
  • Compensatory pooling - development of the notional cash pooling product which implements a mechanism for compensating interest expenses on overdrawn accounts of pool members by charging an increased rate on positive balances on other pool participants’ accounts;
  • Single deposit account - allows transactions on one deposit account (without opening a new account for each transaction) under one general agreement;
  • Automatic overnight - customers may, at their discretion, automatically place available cash in Russian roubles or US dollars for 1 business day by using the Your Bank Online system.