For shareholder and investors

Developing relationships with shareholders and investors remains a key priority for MKB. The bank maintains an open and transparent dialogue with its existing and potential shareholders and investors, acknowledging the high degree of responsibility it faces. MKB is committed to ensuring equal access to its public information for all stakeholders.

The bank mainly contacts institutional shareholders and investors through the Chairman of the Management Board, Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and IR Division, who are open to discuss with investors any questions they may have.

The Supervisory Board is regularly updated on shareholders and investors’ position regarding the bank by its management and IR team. All feedback from analysts and the bank’s consultants is also given to the Supervisory Board.

The bank’s official website, allows investors to see the bank’s results, press releases, investor presentations, information on its corporate governance, corporate and social responsibility, management and other information of importance to them.

Information is provided to shareholders and investors at annual shareholders’ meetings, in annual reports monthly newsletters and quarterly consolidated financial statements with related presentations and webcasts. During the year the bank’s team held more than 150 investor meetings with, 3 roadshows, 2 non-deal roadshows, and attended 15 conferences all over the world. Pursuant to its investor base diversification strategy, MKB participated in investor meetings not only in its traditional locations (the UK, Continental Europe and the USA), but also in Singapore, China, UAE, Argentina and Chile.

Investor meetings in 2019 (geographical distribution)
Investor meetings in 2019 (geographical distribution)
Shareholder and Investor Calendar for 2019
Date Event
09-11 January UniCredit Emerging Europe Winter Conference 2019, Kitzbuhel
07-11 February Investor meetings in Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, and New York in the course of offering senior Eurobonds issued via CBOM Finance p.l.c.
25-27 February J.P. Morgan 2019 Global Emerging Markets Corporate Conference
27-28 February Citi 16th Annual Asia Pacific Investor Conference 2019, Singapore
07 March Disclosure of 2018 IFRS results
13-19 March Investor meetings in Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York and Boston in the course of offering senior Eurobonds issued via CBOM Finance p.l.c.
03-04 April Moscow Exchange Forum in Moscow
16 April Notice of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting convened on 27 May
02 May Record date for participation in the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting convened on 14 June
06 May Access to materials in preparation for the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting convened on 27 May
16-17 May UBS 20th Annual Financial Institutions Conference, Lausanne
27 May Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting
29 May BAML_Emerging Markets Debt and Equity Conference, Miami
30 May Disclosure of 1Q2019 IFRS results
04-05 June Sberbank CIB Russia the inside track, Moscow
19-20 June Barclays Emerging Markets Conference, London
24-26 June Renaissance Capital Annual Russia Conference, Moscow
27 August Disclosure of 1H2019 IFRS results
03–04 September HSBC GEMs Investor Forum 2019, London
24–26 September J. P. Morgan Emerging Markets Credit Conference, London
17-18 October Non-deal Roadshow, Santiago
18 October Moscow Exchange Forum in London
23-25 October BCP Conference, Buenos Aires
28-29 October Auerbach Conference, New York
30 October – 4 November Investor meetings in Stockholm, Tallinn, Paris, Frankfurt, London and New York in the course of secondary public offering
13-14 November Commerzbank EM Conference, Dubai
19-21 November Moscow Exchange Forum in Shanghai
20-22 November Annual VTB Capital “Russia Calling!” Investment Forum
27 November Disclosure of 9M2019 IFRS results