Automated and Software Risk Management Solutions

  • Decision-making unit in retail lending process (scoring, linit setting, customer categorisation)
  • Development of credit risk quantification models (internal rating and scoring models)
  • Automation of customer routing in Collection (automatic customer segmentation at early and late recovery stages)
  • Operational risk management system

  • Routing of retail loan applications
  • Standardised retail and corporate customer profiles transferred to all of the Bank’s systems, including risk management Siebel systems
  • Tracking corporate customers’ group structures, in particular identifying affiliation criteria, including links to retail customers
  • Feeding credit histories from credit bureaux into new applications entered in CRM

In house development of
  • Routing of corporate loan/credit limit applications («Loan pipeline»)
  • Monitoring of corporate customers and transactions
  • Calculation of internal corporate credit ratings
  • Online gathering and storing data on overall counterpart, exposures, including financial market and retail lending operations. Automation of the Bank’s common limit catalogue
  • Control of limits, including structural limits and related authorities, control of regulatory ratios