Corporate culture

The bank continues to develop corporate sports. Its futsal and hockey teams participate in various tournaments, including for charity.

The participation of the bank’s employees in running events, especially in charity races arranged jointly with the Arifmetika Dobra charity, is growing in popularity.

In 2019, the bank held Donor Day for voluntary blood donations for the first time and with considerable success.

A volunteer movement as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility concept is gaining momentum. In 2019, the bank’s employees held master classes and a New Year’s feast for pupils of a boarding school, helped a shelter for dogs and participated in a number of charity events together with Arifmetika Dobra to help orphans not only in Moscow and the Moscow Region, but also in other Russian regions with decent education and social adaptation.

Recognising its responsibility to future generations, the bank’s management strives to support economics or banking graduates. The bank’s representatives continue to participate actively in various events devoted to the development of young professionals, and to increase the number of places to practice every year.