MKB, as a responsible employer, actively co-operates with the Arifmetika Dobra charity, founded in March 2014 by the bank’s beneficial owner Roman Avdeev for a systemic solution to the social orphanhood problem in Russia.

The bank’s employees regularly support orphans in charity events dedicated to Children’s Day, Knowledge Day and the New Year. All funds raised are used to allow as many orphans as possible across Russia to prepare for entrance examinations at higher educational institutions and secondary specialised colleges, thus gaining a chance for a decent adult life. More than 900 bank employees (a little less than 20% of the headcount) took part in charity events held by Arifmetika Dobra in 2019.

MKB employees actively participate in other charity projects with the bank’s support. In 2019, the bank’s volunteers made two visits to Redkino boarding school, where they held educational master classes for pupils; they also took part in a clean-up event at the Domashny animal shelter. More than 150 employees took part in the annual Donor Day.

In 2019, MKB began implementation of a whole range of environmental projects under its introduction of a social responsibility strategy at the bank. MKB has partnered with an environmental NGO “ECA” by sponsoring the planting of 10,000 young fir and pine trees in Malopurginsky District of the Udmurt Republic as part of its Plant a Forest project. The bank has joined the World Wildlife Fund’s Panda Club, an annual membership programme designed to unite the efforts of Russian business and WWF in preserving our country’s nature. The first joint project of MKB and WWF Russia serves to protect the North-West Pre-Caspian population of the saiga antelope by organising a winter-time census using low-noise, drones in December 2019.

In a situation when the fight against cyber fraud is becoming one of the most important challenges of the day, MKB actively creates counteraction systems, not only by developing and improving information security technologies, but also by increasing the role of banking employees’ corporate culture and awareness of these problems. The bank regularly trains its own employees, and reports on improving the literacy of citizens in the fight against cyber fraud at public venues, conferences and in the media.

As one of the largest federal-scale privately-owned banks, MKB is extremely interested in building constructive relationships with the media. Operating in accordance with international standards of business social responsibility, MKB builds an information policy of transparency and openness to all audiences. In 2019, the bank first became a partner of Europe’s largest media festival. The bank supports the development of modern, professional and high-quality journalism at any level, from federal publications to local newspapers of small settlements. The daily activities of the bank’s press service are dedicated to ensuring transparency and accessibility of information on the bank’s operations, its social agenda, products and services.

MKB actively supports social projects of the Government of the Russian Federation, offers profitable and affordable financial products to improve the quality of life of pensioners. MKB’s Mudrost card was recognised as the most profitable card for pensioners by experts of the Frank RG agency as part of the Frank Banking Award 2019. In a little more than a year after its launch, more than 100,000 pensioners have become Mudrost cardholders. The bank is actively involved in joint projects with the Union of Russian Pensioners in Moscow. In 2019, the grand festival of pensioners Our Youth Has No End! and the charity concert Hello, Country of Heroes in honour of the Heroes of the Homeland Day were held with the bank’s support.

As a result of a comprehensive approach to the implementation of social and environmental initiatives, MKB became the first Russian bank to receive a “BBB” ESG rating from Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH. The ESG Rating is an assessment of a company’s performance in three key segments of corporate social responsibility: environmental, social, and governance. The rating reflects the bank’s achievements and development areas in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Aware of its responsibility to future generations, the bank’s management seeks to support the students of the Department of Financial Markets and Banks of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. The bank arranges a number of activities to organise practical training for senior students, job placement for graduates, and it involves its top managers in the educational process. The bank’s internship programme MKB Universe has already become a springboard to a successful career in the financial market for dozens of students and graduates of the Financial University.

MKB’s top managers consistently appear in the Top 1000 Russian Managers annual ranking of Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House. The ranking is a tool for fair assessment of the professional reputation of Russian executives. It highlights the most professional managers of Russia, as recognised by the professional community itself. The 2019 ranking includes 3 managers from the bank: Vladimir Chubar is listed among the best CEOs in the Commercial Banks segment, his first deputy Mikhail Polunin among the best bank managers in specialised nominations, and Victoria Poigina, Marketing and PR Vice President, among the best marketing directors in the Commercial Banks segment.